Press Altitude

617ft Hourly Rain 0.04in Wind Run 0 Degree Heating 7.6 Degree Cooling 0.0    

Cloud Base

194ft Daily Rain 0.00in Wind Rate 772 Monthly Day Heating 269.7 Monthly Day  Cooling 6.7    

Air Density

-548ft Yesterday Rain 0.11in Monthly Wind Run 306 Yearly Day Heating 1033.3 Yearly Day Cooling 44.2    

Virtual Temp

40.7F Rain Rate 0.000in/hr Comfort Index Cool Heat Index --- Station Barom Trend Steady    

Vapor Press

0.23in Monthly Rain 6.80in Beaufort Calm Forecast Increasing clouds with little temperature change. Precip possible within 24 to 48 hrs Barometer Trend Steady Moon Phase 0days