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Weather in Boulder Creek, California
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Current Humidity

5 Day Humidity History

Indoor/Outdoor humidity. Outdoors is yellow and uses left-hand abscissa. Indoor humidity is a thin white line and  uses right-hand abscissa. The current location for the indoor humidity sensor is my beer brewery cellar.

Current Cloudbase


The cloud base (or the base of the cloud) is the lowest altitude of the visible portion of the cloud. It is traditionally expressed either in m or feet above mean sea level (or planetary surface), or as the corresponding pressure level in hectopascal (hPa, equivalent to millibar). - Wikipedia

The outdoor humidity (and integrated temperature) sensor is currently at a southern exposure couple hundred feet above the valley floor above a mile north of town. A six foot mast at the southern portion of the house roof ensures that heat coming from the roof doesn't affect the sensor readings.

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