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Weather in Boulder Creek, California
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Local Personal Weather Station Mesonet

The following are local personal weather stations that owners are thoughtfully sharing their data with Weather Underground for the Boulder Creek locale. Due to the mountainous terrain, weather conditions can vary greatly which is frequently reflected in data collected from these weather stations. Also each station varies in their rate of sending data to Weather Underground. Click on any station icon to have it open into a new browser window showing that station's detailed conditions.

Cresta Vista

West Park and Hiway 9

Forest Springs

N/O Redwood School


Quail Hollow

These links below are, again, personal weather stations located in and around Boulder Creek. These stations may or may not send their data to Weather Underground.
Institute of HeartMath - 14700 West Park Ave. Boulder Creek
San Lorenzo Valley Water District - 13057 Highway 9 in central downtown Boulder Creek
Boulder Creek Weather (with AJAX) - North of Boulder Creek near Redwood Elementary (KCABOULD6)
Boulder_Creek, CA Weather from - Just south of Boulder Creek at about 400'
Bonny Doon Weather - Just west of Boulder Creek at about 1750' elevation.
The following links are amateur radio operators that transmit weather reports for public use. APRSWXNET (APRS - Automatic Position Reporting System), and CWOP, Citizen Weather Observer Program, provides data collection from individual stations and makes it available to MADIS (see below).
APRSWXNET Boulder Creek CA, Brookdale, CA
APRSWXNET Felton CA, Santa Cruz, CA
APRSWXNET Saratoga CA, Milpitas, CA
APRSWXNET Los Gatos CA, Los Gatos, CA

Local RAWS Weather Stations

RAWS, Remote Automated Weather Stations, are typically owned and maintained  by local wildland fire agencies to monitor local fire danger conditions. These weather stations collect, store, and send data to the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho via the GOES satellite. These stations are also part of the MADIS project, Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System.

Fire managers use this data to predict fire behavior and monitor fuels, resource managers use the data to monitor environmental conditions. These stations do not provide current barometric pressure readings. Usually updated every hour. Link opens into a new browser window. Use the raw data text link to get last 24-hours. All raw data records day of the month and times in Zulu (UTC), subtract 7 hours if local time is PDT (UTC-7), 8 hours if local time is PST (UTC-8).

Pulgas, CA    (Raw Data Link) Los Gatos, CA   (Raw Data Link)
La Honda, CA   (Raw Data Link) Ben Lomond, CA   (Raw Data Link) *
Los Altos, CA   (Raw Data Link) Corralitos, CA   (Raw Data Link)

* closest RAWS near Boulder Creek, on top of Ben Lomond Mountain


Local NOAA Airport METAR Stations

In 1996, the Federal Aviation Administration determined to standardize airport weather station reports and formatting according to a new international standard, METAR, which loosely translates to Aerodrome Forecast or Aviation Routine Weather Report.  

The benefits of having the U.S. standardize to these new code formats are as follows. Hourly and special observations are used both as stand alone data for the sites and as inputs to global weather models for both analysis and forecasting. It is this global use of each small bit of information which drives the need for standardization. Additionally, the increase in international flights between the U.S. and other nations from more U.S. locations than ever before lends itself to developing a more "seamless" international standard for aviation. Moreover, standardization becomes vital for the general aviation community for flights from the U.S. to Canada, the Caribbean Area, and Mexico. For more information see:

NOAA's METAR/TAF Information


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