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Weather in Boulder Creek, California
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Current Rain Conditions


Typical: Sporadic rains start in October with heavy rains starting in January. Rains decrease in intensity in April-May. Rainfall totals are reset the 1st of every October. Better detailed rain graphs (in/hr) can be found on the WeatherUnderground daily/historical report for this station.

7 Day and Monthly Rain History

Rainfall Total by Rain Year

  This graph shows this year's rainfall totals compared with the total rainfall from the previous rain year. The rain year is calculated from 1st of October to September 30th of the next calendar year.

Oct 2002 to Sep 2003: 51.34 inches
Oct 2003 to Sep 2004: 46.80 inches
Oct 2004 to Sep 2005: 66.14 inches
Oct 2005 to Sep 2006: 67.36 inches
Oct 2006 to Sep 2007: 26.24 inches
Oct 2007 to Sep 2008: 38.11 inches
Oct 2008 to Sep 2009: 39.06 inches
Oct 2009 to Sep 2010: 54.65 inches
Oct 2010 to Sep 2011: 58.42 inches
Oct 2011 to Sep 2012: 32.09 inches
Oct 2012 to Sep 2013: 37.16 inches

Due to power outages, some of the graphs may not be accurate as to real-time. Rainfall totals however are accurate, once power is restored since the weather base station has battery backup. The tipping rain bucket is mounted on a flat section of roof about 15 feet from the main weather mast.


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