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Weather in Boulder Creek, California
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Current Wind Conditions

Note: Wind conditions in downtown Boulder Creek typically are much higher than what is represented here due to 'valley wind-tunnel effect'. This weather station is off Highway 9 about a mile from Boulder Creek and sits a couple hundred feet above the valley floor . On the wind rose compass, the inner band is 10 mph and the outer band is set to 20 mph. Anything beyond the 20 mph band is high winds!

GEOS High Density Winds - Eastern Pacific


5 Day Wind History



 The wind anemometer sensor is currently at a southern exposure couple hundred feet above the valley floor above a mile north of town. The anemometer is mounted on a six foot mast at the southern portion of the house roof to ensure that the roof doesn't significantly affect the sensor readings. There are also some three Douglas Fir trees about 30 feet to the east of the roof which may introduce some bias.


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